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The Street Style Black Sheep

The Street Style Black Sheep By: Brianna Sanders

I hate trends, and I’m not real big on name brands either. The idea of someone else trying to dictate what’s “in” or what’s not is a no-go for me. It seems so unnatural. I believe fashion is art personified. I am my own canvas, paint and artist.  I wear whatever makes me feel comfortable, strong and confident with each piece of clothing telling my story from multiple vantage points.

Streetwear seems to be the best way to describe my style. I love the flexibility and creativity that wearing both men and women urban wear provides. There are no rules. I can be just as powerfully feminine in a tight mini skirt with thigh high boots as I am in my boyfriend jeans and the  latest sneakers. It allows me the freedom to draw inspiration from so many different kinds of people, both women and men who just kill it. Everywhere I go, every interaction I have with other people (whether it’s verbal or visual) I’m always paying attention to what they’re wearing and how they put it together. What kind of sneakers are they wearing? What are those graphics on their t-shirt? Or what jewelry or other accessories they used to compliment the outfit?

Don’t be Afraid to Mix and Match

When it comes to shopping, I tend to shop piece by piece. I may not buy a complete outfit when I go into a store. If I see a top I like I think of what kind of outfit I can turn that into. Or what things I have in my closet to revamp it. It’s not only easier but, when I see one piece of clothing I instantly think of what I can put together with it at home. Or I just know to buy that skirt because I’ll definitely come across something I can make into a dope fit.

Fuck Overpriced Bull Sh&%

Let’s keep it real, a lot of shit is overpriced, and I’m not about to go into debt trying to look cool, but luckily I don’t have to. I love a good deal, and shopping smart. I think a lot of people would be surprised by some of things you’ll find online or in stores you’d least expect to have really cool items. I simply shop by what catches my eye. One thing I really love to do is thrift. I see some of the most dope, vintage, unique, and exclusive pieces of merchandise. And not only that, it’s very affordable.

Look Around You, and Find Your Style

I use what I see in the real world and come up with different concepts and ideas for myself. Social media has also played a big role of my fashion inspiration. Social sites like Tumblr and Instagram have helped me come across many great people to which I draw a lot of good ideas from as well. I would say Tumblr especially. I’ve come across so many young, black artists and fashionable individuals from all across the world. Their level of creativity is so amazing to me, it’s inspirational. Tumblr is one of those places where I feel people feel free, and comfortable to be themselves to really showcase themselves as being themselves without being judged. And that’s what I love about it.

Overall, fashion is something that I truly have a deep passion for. Setting my own trends makes me happy. It keeps that creative, artsy side of me motivated. And the fact that it’s constantly changing, gives me room to always showcase my creativity and all the new ideas I come up with for myself. My love for fashion has helped me to find myself. It helped me to find my flaws and to flaunt them. It helped me to stand out as an individual and to see what works for me. It allowed for me to express myself and to not care what other people think or had to say, or to be following someone else’s trends. I learned that fashion is what you make it. There’s no rules to the shit. You just do it, do you!

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