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5 DIY Tips for Healthy Hair

5 DIY Tips for Healthy Hair

By: Andrea Standford

As a girlie girl I always admired the slick “put together” look but I absolutely dreaded going to the hair salon. I just knew I would have to tweak things about my hair when I go home in order to like it.

My latest hair stylist grew on me because she made my hair grow so much, however to my dismay, the last appointment she cut all my hair off! The same situation happened when I began going to a different stylist for hair extensions. I was never fully satisfied with anyone else’s services so I decided it was time to take matter into my own hands, literally!

I have had to do a lot of research in order to maintain the length of my real hair and longevity of my weave while saving and earning money for my hair knowledge! Here are five tips that may help you on your hair journey.

Tip #1. Do not rely on people to do your hair. It’s now your responsibility to learn to do it yourself. You will find yourself spending too much money trying different stylists.

Tip #2. Heat is not your friend! Over time your hair will break off so look for healthy alternatives whether you are natural or wearing extensions.

Tip#3. If you wear extensions start stocking up on hair over the summer in preparation for school so you are always prepared for a new style.

Tip#4. Moisturize as much as possible. The “no grease in my hair” trend is OUT! Embrace your hair and treat it as needed.

Tip #5. Closures & U-parts wigs are the new trend that are the breakthrough for healthier hair in the future.

If you listen to nothing I say, remember to learn how to do your own hair, keep it moisturized and wear protective styles. Oh, and seek no approval. It’s your hair, dammit so wear it as you please!

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