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3 Takeaways of My First Facial

3 Takeaways of my first Facial with FY Beauty

By: Eartha Terrell

“Oh, you need a facial! You need to exfoliate your skin,” said an Asian woman at a New York City salon.

I was visiting by big cousin in the big apple over spring break, and while waiting for her to get her nails done a manicurist looked at my skin and decided to tell me everything that was wrong with it.

I was a bit annoyed, but hey, I was in New York City and decided to entertain her.

“Well how much does it cost?” I asked when I should have been asking “What the heck is a facial?”

“Uhh I think I could fix your discoloration, dark spots and acne for $125,” she replied. “I’m good,” I quickly responded.

I don’t know if it was her aggressive antics or the fact that I was a broke ass college student who couldn’t spare $125 for anything other than necessities at the time, but that encounter literally made me never think of the word facial ever again. In fact, I didn’t even know that the hell it was and after hearing what she said, I mentally swore them off forever.

Fast forward to present day, and I’m much older and have been eager to really care for my skin more as an adult so I decided to do some investigating and at least find out what a facial consist of. After a few Facebook inquiries and research, I came across Faith Redd-Walker, a licensed esthetician who performs facials and body waxes in New Albany, Ohio. With more than more than 6 years in her field, she assured me I was in good hands and made sure she catered to my individual skin needs. Additionally, she is a skin mixologist who has a collection of body scrubs, oils and creams.

I was a bit nervous, at first, but she assured me that I had nothing to fear. The experience was everything and I cannot believe I’d starved myself of such an amazing beauty practice for so long. If you’re still skeptical or a beginner like me, here’s my top 3 takeaways from my experience that I think can help you.

📷 Facials aren’t only for the rich and famous  I really believed facials were only for people who had extra coins to spend on luxury, but that’s totally not the case (thank God!). I received a 30-minute Glow and Glow facial, which included a cleanser, raspberry hydrating mask, toner, a peptide, LED facial treatment and moisturizer. This treatment cost roughly $60. I spend more than that on fast food every two weeks.

It’s truly a full-body experience I had no clue what to expect from a facial, but Faith sure set the bar high. I was greeted by a warm and quaint room filled with soft music, a beautiful décor and of course a heated table and blanket to lay on during the procedure. In between masks and treatments, Faith massaged my arms, hands and temples, which made me so relaxed I wanted to just go to sleep. Her exceptional ability to make me feel warm and relaxed was well appreciated. I will be back.

A closed-mouth won’t get fed I have severe allergies as you all know so I am use to being upfront with brands and companies about what I can and cannot use. I usually dread this part because it makes me seem like a diva, but Faith encouraged me to express myself and even offered a consultation prior to my appointment to ensure she used the right combination of products for me.

This is a practice that you should adopt like, immediately! Asking an esthetician what their practices are, how they plan to treat your skin issues and letting them know what you’re comfortable and uncomfortable with will only improve your results and enhance your overall experience.

Even though my first encounter with the word facial was horrible and embarrassing, I am so glad that I eventually faced my fears and tried it again. It was eye-opening to learn new ways to improve my skin’s health and practical habits to take home.

Because I love you all and I want to make sure that you get the same experience, I’m providing you with a limited-time offer to receive 20 percent off all FY Beauty products online at Use the promo code Muvva20 and start that skin glow up today.

Oh, and if you get a facial, I want to hear about it.

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