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I am a lifestyle, beauty and wellness writer, strategist, and spoken word artist. As a freelance writer, I provide millennial women (most African American) with natural and organic product reviews and insights that they can incorporate into their busy lives as well as thought provoking content that encourages authenticity and a healthy lifestyle.


As a copywriter and strategist, I work and collaborate with beauy, lifestyle and wellness brands to produce marketing mostly digital marketing collateral to drive engagement, awareness and sales.


What makes my brand unique is I AM A TRUE MASTER STORYTELLER! Through poetry, writing etc., I truly have the gift of gab to resonate and move people!


Additionally, I offer readers a real behind the scene to my life as a business woman, tips on how to build their personal brands and am not afraid to shares my personal life's challenges. Regarding my copywriting, I offer brands a unique perspective having worked in a multitude of communications disciplines, such as PR, journalism and advertising.

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